My Ted-like Talk

The picture above is me presenting my Ted-like Talk to my class. My class had a so-called “Ted Talk” to do in our Language Arts class. We had about 1-2 weeks to create the Ted Talk and we worked very hard to create it. Before even making our Ted Talks we had to watch 3 Ted Talks on whatever we wanted before we created our own Ted-like Talk. The topic I caïd my Ted Talk on was Why is Bitcoin so Volatile. It was really fun to research Bitcoin and learn a lot about it. I gave a Bitcoin overview first, then I talked about why Bitcoin goes up and down and why is it so volatile, then I talked about how you can get a Bitcoin yourself, and lastly I showed a video clip of Bitcoin’s price changing rapidly. I felt like this experience was really good for us and our public speaking. Also, it felt really nice because I was the only one talking about Bitcoin so I felt like a teacher/expert. This was definitely my favorite project of the year!


Tree Books

In Language Arts class, we made tree books. Tree books are made of recycled cardboard that looks like trees and inside they have writing and pictures that I created. The process of making the Tree Books was very cool. An artist named Peg Gignoux helped us to create this project.

My favorite part of the project was when we picked some leaves and used something called Akua ink to print the shape of the leaves on paper. The paper we used to print the leaves on was dictionary paper. When we put the leaf print on the paper it was super cool because there were words inside the leaf print. After we cut the shapes out of the paper I glued the shapes onto my tree book.

Also, in my tree book I wrote a poem named When This is Over. It was about how we shouldn’t take things for granted and how we became much better people after the Pandemic. Another piece of writing we wrote about was a salute to one of our family members. I wrote about my mom and how she’s cared for me for my entire life.

Stock Project

In 3 months we got to choose a maximum of 6 stocks to invest in. First, we started by creating a spreadsheet that we change week by week to put all the information on our stocks. The spreadsheet was really cool because we put a lot of formulas into the spreadsheet, and every week we change our spreadsheet it adjusts to the numbers we put in. On the spreadsheet, we put the company name, ticker symbol, time and date we bought the stocks, amount of shares we bought in the company, and the total amount of money we spent. In total, I spent $19,978.29. Then we picked the stocks we wanted to invest in. We had $20,000 to invest with, so I chose General Electric, Pfizer, Nielsen Holdings Inc, Epam Systems Inc, Alaska Air, Group, and Constellation Group Corp. The reason I chose these stocks is that I invested in them in real life.

In my class at the end of the 3 months, I made $2024.10 total, which was the most in my class.

The reason we did this project is that we read a book called The Westing Game. Turtle a character received clues and thought the answer was to invest because she thought her clues were ticker symbols for stocks. She ended up selling the money with her friend Flora Bombach and used the amount of money she made as the answer.

What I learned from stocks is to stay patient and not always keep checking them. I always wanted to know how much money I made or lost, and it took me a while, but I eventually got to a point where I only looked at my stocks once a day.

If you’ve ever thought about investing my opinion would be to tell you to go for it. It’s a very risky game, but it’s very fun. I hope you try investing!

The Planetarium

My school went on a field trip! We went to the planetarium, a place filled with exhibits, shows, and planet information. It was a really fun experience especially because I haven’t been on a field since the pandemic started, and this is the first field trip I’ve had at this school since I’m new.

We left our school around 9:30 A.M and we came back around 2 P.M. First we went into a dome that projected a show all around us. It was about astronauts and how the astronaut suits protect the astronauts in space. Then we went to some interactive exhibits. My favorite exhibit was one about curing Malaria. Then we had lunch, and lastly, we had a physics show. This was my favorite part of the field trip. We did something where we put electricity in a metal ball and touched it with a metal rod, and all the electricity went to the rod. Then we did something with liquid nitrogen, and after we finished she poured the rest of the nitrogen on the ground and it was super satisfying.

That’s what I liked and did at the Planetarium!

My Book Recommendation

I recommend reading the Nazi Hunters by Neal Bascomb. It is a book where a group of Israeli men all work together to try to capture Adolf Einchman and bring him back to Israel for his crimes. One of the things that made me love this book is that they encounter many problems and terrifying circumstances, and it keeps me reading this book every day. I also love this book mainly because I’m heavily interested in historical events, but also because there are tons of ups and downs. I read this book on e text.

Currently, I’m reading The Poison Pen by Caleb Roehrig. It’s not a book that I would recommend, but it’s not a terrible book.


I hope you read the book I recommended and have a good day!

Wisdom Tales

In our Language Arts class we learned about Wisdom Tales and drew a cartoon about a Wisdom Tale. Wisdom Tales are stories written a long time ago by people in different cultures/countries. For example, there are stories that come from Indian culture or Japanese culture. The story that I chose to draw a cartoon about was The Boatman. The Boatman is a story that was written in the Middle East. I chose this story because I really liked the moral of it. The tale was about a very smart scholar that was being rowed across the river by a boatman. The scholar was acting like he was much smarter than the boatman and knew everything, but then the boat struck a rock and the boat started to sink. Since the scholar was mostly studying his entire life (I think) he never learnt to swim and ended up drowning. The moral of the story is that all forms of knowledge are useful. The drawing app I used to create the cartoon was Paper by 53. I didn’t do anything really special, I just used the drawing tools I was given by Paper. When I finished my drawings I took a screenshot of them and put them into an app called Comic Life 3. I chose a template and inserted my drawings. And that’s how I made my Wisdom Tales cartoon!

Los Angeles Rams, the Super Bowl Contenders

The Los Angeles Rams are looking like a Super Bowl contender. They definitely have one of the best defenses in the league, they have a really good offense, and overall they just have the skill to win their 2nd franchise Super Bowl. On Sunday, January 23 the Los Angeles Rams are going up against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s definitely going to be a challenge for the Rams and they definitely are going to need to put in a lot of work, but I think they can win this game. I think the Rams can win this game because they really proved themselves against the Arizona Cardinals. Their entire game was on point, they didn’t have many flaws in my opinion. Matthew Stafford had no interceptions, 287 passing yards, and three touchdown passes. As well for the defense, they forced two interceptions, and really pressured the Cardinal’s offense. I really believe that the Los Angeles Rams will knock out the defending champions of the Super Bowl and go on to beat the remaining teams.

Daily Habits

In our 6th grade Language Arts class we started doing a daily habit which is basically doing a habit every day. The habit that our class started with is planking. We started on September 9th at 30 seconds to November 23rd at 3 minutes!

One benefit of doing this every day would be that you are getting stronger every single day you do it. When we got to 2 minutes I never thought I could do anything more than that, but when we got to the end and we had to do the longest plank we could possibly do. I did it for 8 minutes and 52 seconds, and my longest before that was only 3 minutes! I realized that it isn’t as hard as I thought it would be if you do it every day, and also it’s about your mindset. If you say your can’t do it you won’t, but if you believe in yourself you can do it as long as you want! In my journal I wrote that 1 minute and 15 seconds of planking was killing me, and now I can get all the way up to almost 9 minutes!

I overcame the challenge of quitting. There were some days I really didn’t want to plank, but I did it for as long as I could and went up again after a few seconds. I made tons of progress because before we started doing this my longest plank was 2 minutes and 37 seconds, and I wasn’t planking every day, but when I was planking for 2 months and 10 days I was able to stay in a plank position for 8 minutes and 52 seconds!

My new habit is juggling a soccer ball and increasing 5 juggles every week. I chose this because I personally really want to improve my juggling skills and overall ball control in soccer/football.


Outside Shot

A book that I read recently was Outside Shot, it’s about a boy named Richie that loves to play basketball and is very competitive. A window is something that doesn’t relate to you, and a mirror is something that does relate to you. This book is a window to me because Richie plays basketball and I play soccer. Richie has a sister, but I have a brother. Richie also takes the bus to school but my parents drive me to school. Lastly, in the beginning of the book Richie wasn’t a starter, but I am.

My Backpack

I have a few connections to Finding Someplace, a book that was written by Denise Lewis Patrick. Reesie’s mom was a doctor (so is mine) and her dad was a police officer, which meant that since Reesie’s parents were so busy they didn’t have time to take care of Reesie during Hurricane Katrina. So, Reesie was told by her dad that she would have to go to her uncle and aunt’s house in Boca Raton, Florida. Then that’s when I realized that I have family in Florida just like Reesie.

Since Reesie had to leave her house immediately and could only take one backpack full of things, I thought about what I’d take if I was in the same situation. I have my phone in my backpack in case I get lost, or I’m just bored. In my backpack I would have a wallet with cash because if some unfortunate event happens and I don’t have any more food, I can hopefully go to a store (if there are stores) and buy some food. I have headphones in case I want to listen to music. I’d bring with me a first aid kit in case I or anyone around me gets hurt. I have a water bottle for drinking water if I’m thirsty. I put in my backpack a pocket knife for self defense. I brought along a book just in case I’m stressed out or tired, and I want to relax. In my backpack I have a solar charger so I can charge my phone if it dies, and I wouldn’t need to plug it into an outlet. I brought with me a soccer ball just in case I have to get some energy out. I have candy, well because who doesn’t like candy? I have an extra pair of clothes just in case my clothes get really dirty. The last item I have is food because I’d obviously need food to survive. So, that’s what I think I need in my backpack to survive a hurricane.